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Network and Security Solutions

Network and Security Solutions -

DLP-Data Leak Prevention

Data Lost Prevention Solution protects enterprise with data breach and data filtration transmission.  By monitoring, detecting and blocking sensitive data while in use, in transit and at rest, out DLP Solution prevents sensitive data being disclosed to unauthorized parties by malicious intent or inadvertent mistake.  Sensitive data such as private company information, intellectual property (IP), financial information, credit-card data, etc.  can now be safely protected while not interrupting business operations.


Perimeter Security – Next Generation Firewall

Nowadays businesses are connected via the internet.  Defense from the outer-most perimeter became an important are in protecting the business.  Basic Bit helps enterprise customers in defining tiered approach on securing business boundaries.  With advanced protection technologies like application traffic screening, intrusion prevention, traffic priority, etc.  enabled smooth business operations while maintaining secured business continuity.


Transparent Encryption

In order to cope with different compliance and data security requirements, encryption became a key requirement for protecting data and information.  They key challenges for encryption were usability and key management.  Basic Bit helps enterprise customers in using the encryption technologies without changing users’ behavior and practice.  The key management is fully transparent to the users, providing secured data storage and data transportation while maintaining highest usability experience.


Log Management

Centralized logging became important area for both compliance and technical support.  Due to the huge of logs generated by different applications, network devices and security devices, it is not easy to store, search and correlate the logs to formulate meaningful action items.  Basic Bit helps enterprise customers solving the puzzle by means of indexing technology.  This makes all types of logs, text based, database logs, binary logs etc. to be searchable and correlated into meaningful reports and action items.


Mobility Security

Enterprise customers rely more and more mobility technologies for easy information access and enterprise data processing.  Security to mobile devices turned out to be an important barrier for enterprise customers.  Basic Bit helps enterprise customers in securing the mobility experience, let the users enjoy the convenience on accessing the enterprise data and applications via mobile device while upholding enterprise security.  If a device is lost, the solution allows complete or selective wipe the device in order to prevent sensitive data being leak out.

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