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Privileged Account Management Service

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Privileged accounts are everywhere in the IT environment.  They give IT the building blocks for managing vest networks of hardware and software that power the information-driven world.  Privileged Account Management solution (PAM) that protect an organization’s most valuable assets from cyberattacks and insider threats.  A comprehensive PAM solution tailored to your business need, it helps organizations be more scalable and flexible. Integrating PAM with your existing security controls, that protects you from cyberattacks.




  • Privileged Account Management PAM

  • PAM Available for Windows and MAC

  • Self Service Active Directory Group Management.

  • End-Users Password Reset Tool




  • Password Management for IT Admins.

  • Control Applications and Privileges on Endpoints

  • Active Directory Group Management for End-Users & Team Leaders.

  • Self-Service Password Reset Tool for End-Users.

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