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Information Security Assessment Service

Information Security Assessment Service

Basic Bit information Security Assessment Service helps businesses visualize the current security practice within the enterprise.  By providing high level snapshot overview to management people, the Service helps management people in deciding the protection direction for different business activity. The findings from the Service help the enterprise in understanding about potential security risks and how to overcome the potential weaknesses.




  • Measures current security situation based on existing information security policy or an applicable industrial baseline such as COBIT, ISO27K, etc.

  • Management snapshot on current security practice.

  • Provide practical improvement recommendations toward acceptable standards.

  • Able to act as pre-assessment to critical audits or security compliance certifications.

  • Clear industrial methodology and audit trail for the entire assessment process.




  • Current security policy review OR sample security policy creation

  • Onsite measure corporate current security standards

  • Findings report

  • Recommendation report

  • Management presentation

  • Technical presentation

  • Improvement consultation

  • Re-assessment on improved areas


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