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 About Basic Bit

Basic Bit is a passionate service provider carrying the mission of providing our customers with BASIC and effective solutions, taking care of every a BIT of step for enterprises’ needs.

You may have the chance to face the targeted cyber attacks and advanced threats, and those attacks are created and launched for the purpose of breaching your defenses, penetrating your network and stealing your sensitive data and intellectual property. These attacks can result in significant costs and have an impact on your professional reputation. So, you need the tools to respond to them, and the tools are effectively to prevent cyber attacks.

Additional to prevent cyber attacks is the Privileged Account Management (PAM), that protect an organization’s most valuable assets from cyber attacks and also insider threats. To develop a PAM security solution, that will be another effective way to protect your organization. So, you need the best tool to create PAM.

Moreover, if you are seeking the best fit solutions which suit your business Cloud environments.  Basic Bit can reinforce your Cloud environments with appropriate solutions that benefit you most.

In addition to advice the best ways for all above solutions, what impress our customers are our People. Basic Bit is formed by a group of passionate who are all-rounded and skillful with strong ability to execute. They possess ample experiences in servicing different enterprises from various industries segments, giving them the capabilities to translate business requirements into practical technology solutions. This is especially important to enterprises to assure that what they gained from Basic Bit is crucial for their business while they can reserve their manpower for business- critical issues.

Basic Bit has a wide business scope. While, we are keen to serve our enterprises customers with best technologies, we also provide selected solutions for ICT solutions providers. If you are looking for a business partner who can provide you with hassle-free and proper solutions, Basic Bit will be your best choice.

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