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Build Your Own Cloud - Enterprise

Based on industrial best practice, Basic Bit helps enterprise customers building their own private cloud and optionally extend the private cloud to form a hybrid cloud.  Managing private cloud and the hybrid extension have never been easier by the single management platform.  Customers can leverage different open platforms to build cost effective, yet solid stable, cloud infrastructure to run business critical applications.




  • Select the best open platform technologies for customer specific environment.

  • Design and build the private cloud platform.

  • For ad-hoc workload that exceeding customer normal capacity, the solution can automatically extend the workload to pre-defined public cloud to formulate a hybrid cloud environment.

  • Single management platform managing the private cloud environment and the hybrid cloud extension.

  • Periodical usage report for accurate capacity planning to optimize the computing power ratio between the hybrid environments.




  • Private cloud environment with optional hybrid cloud extension.

  • Cloud design and implementation.

  • Single management platform for managing the entire hybrid environment.

  • Optional managed operation support for the cloud environment.

  • 24 x 7 technical support.

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