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Service Cloud – Providers' Cloud Option


Based on industrial best practice, Basic Bit helps cloud providers building their own cloud for providing public and/or hybrid cloud offerings.  Cloud providers can offer public cloud, private cloud and/or hybrid cloud environments to their customers.  Build on open platform components, the resultant cloud platform allows cloud providers to operate the cloud business at minimal total cost of ownership while maintaining highest level of SLA to their customers.

  • Select the best open platform technologies for cloud providers.
  • Multi-tenant cloud environment.
  • Design and build the public, private and hybrid cloud platforms distributed in different physical locations.
  • Offer ad-hoc hybrid cloud to customer with bursting workload.
  • Single management platform managing the private cloud environment and the hybrid cloud extension.
  • Periodical usage report for accurate capacity planning to optimize the computing power ratio between the hybrid environments.
  • Multi-tenant cloud environment for providing private, public and hybrid environments.
  • Cloud design and implementation
  • Single management platform for managing the entire cloud environment
  • Optional managed operation support for the cloud environment
  • 24 x 7 technical support

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